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Informative, Entertaining and Inspiring Hands-on Clinics:

Jim Ferrell has terminated conducting hands-on clinics at his Blacksmith Shop. This page is retained on the site to illustrate some of Jim's past contributions toe sustaining the art.
We offered four levels of experience:

1. Hands-On Basic Forging Seminar

The Basic clinic is for folks that have a desire to perform, and be a part of preserving a dying art. Participants require no experience in this field. You will learn the basic requirements of coal and gas-fired forging practice. By departure time you will have forged a tool or piece of art.


  1. Fuel for the forge, Coal, LPGas.
  2. Process, Forced air (Hand Crank), (Electric Blower), Gas fired.
  3. Materials, Basic Carbon Steels, Low Alloy.
  4. Basic hand tools, and top of the anvil tools.
  5. Hammer control, and choice for work to be performed.
  6. Simple forging by choice (Hands on).

The following basic clinic activies description also serves as an insight into the structure of the additional three seminars.


    Arrive, check in and familiarize with shop. Discuss tooling, and whatever.



    Short lecture, and demonstration on fuel for the forge. Coal fire start, and maintenance. Discuss briefly, steels to be used, Spring, Mild carbon Steel, Aluminum, Sheet, Low Alloy. Demonstrate simple project in the fire, and discuss the do's and don'ts. Discuss briefly top of the anvil tools, and use. Punches, Chisels, Hardies, Jigs.

    Questions and answers.

    LUNCH Approx. 12.00 Noon

    Participants fire up, and demonstrate forging of choice till you have had enough.



    Participants fire up, and continue forging of choice till you have had enough.

    LUNCH Approx. 12.00 Noon

    Continue Forging of choice till 6:00PM

2. Tool making and Heat Treatment
3. Tool and Forge Building
4. Knife-making
The final Session will be Special Steels for Knife making. Participants will hand forge, heat treat and etch a blade composed of a bi-material, better known as Pattern Steel. Damascus is also considered a Pattern steel in the USA.
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