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James G Ferrell, (MOFABI)
AFA Certified in horseshoeing. One of 5 Founding members of the GCFA , currently TPFA. (Texas Professional Farriers Association ) Sixteen years as a farrier, and thirty-eight years as a Blacksmith. Previously worked as a Welding Engineer and Inspector for fabricated refinery equipment. Also, presently develops and oversees welding procedures and applications, both inside and outside the USA as a private consultant.

After attending Rice University for Welding Metallurgical Engineering, was the developer and overseer of welding procedures and their application in the Power facilities in Arkansas (APL) and N. Carolina (CPL).

Prior to opening the shop in Dripping Springs, spent two years performing blacksmithing demonstrations at the AP George Ranch Historical Site and Museum. Most recently, doing Blacksmithing demonstrations at the local Joseph Pound House historical site, and also for Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Eight enjoyable years were spent blacksmithing with the Black Powder and Mountain Men Ron Dee Voos in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

A member in good standing of ABANA. (Artists and Blacksmiths of North America).

Sparklin Iron Works & Ron De Voo Forge
Sparklin Iron Works & Ron De Voo Forge occupy a 1200 sq. ft. covered shop which has been in operation for eighteen years at Ferrell's Dripping Springs location.
Please use the Contact form to request arrangements for visits and to get directions.

Thank you for your interest in learning the ancient craft of Blacksmithing!
James G Ferrell

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